Paymark is New Zealand's leading payment provider, a partner with over 80,000 local businesses.

The Challenge

Paymark Website

Paymark needed a marketing site facelift and a way to combine creative design and modular approach. Many pages feature custom design to fully represent their core products. The website was going to be migrated to SilverStripe CMS and needed to be cleaned up and restructured to allow for the transition.

Paymark Website on an iPhone

The Team

I am not the initial architect of the website, but after I jumped in, I was the sole developer on the project for many months, building out new pages, maintaining the current site and extending the framework. I worked from mockups provided by our design team.

The Solution

Some of the code was rewritten to allow for the migration of the source code. Many components were simplified and their code optimized to make room for integration into the CMS.

Paymark Website on an iPad

It was a great project to gain a bit of understanding about SilverStripe CMS and how it worked.

The Technology

Our local setup run on Grunt, accompanied by Assemble and SASS. We used a lot of partials to build out components to ensure no markup was written as a duplicate in the code base.

  • Node.js
  • Grunt
  • Assemble
  • HTML
  • SASS
  • JavaScript